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Image Postproduction Services

With 15 years of experience in the cinematographic and digital audiovisual industry, and more than 5 decades with film images, we are in a position to offer you the tools required for your project to appear the way you imagined it, regardless of the medium of exhibition or the image format required.

Our From Record To Play workflows enable us to meet all the needs you may have at every stage of post production.


Online Editing

  • Offline configuration

  • VFX Export and revision 

  • Finishing, color assistance and creation of DSM

Color Grading

  • Workflow in ACES

  • Workflows for Dolby Vision / HDR10

  • Davinci Resolve flows


Quality Check

  • Automatic QC with Enterprise-class tools and AI technology

  • Manual QC


  • Creation of DSM, DCDM, DCP theatrical deliveries

  • Creation of IMFs and other delivery formats for OTTs

  • SDR, HDR10 or Dolby Vision deliveries

Our Talent
Jonathan Buenrostro

Senior Colorist

labo_servicios_postproduccion_imagen_lorenna copia.jpg
Lorenna Ramírez

Commercial contact

Image Postproduction Projects  |  See portfolio 
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