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Localization Services

At Labo we know that successful dubbing of a movie depends on the talent, and we are the only studio in Mexico providing our clients with an extensive catalogue of independent actors and members of ANDA, working with highly respected directors. 


The development of new exhibition media worldwide obliges us to make the content available in the local language to ensure its accessibility to the public. Our localization services are intended not just to make content accessible in terms of language but also to take into account visual or aural limitations.


LAS BPO Dubbing

  • Recording in graded studios with AWG certification

  • Remote recording using secure platforms with high audio quality

  • Mixing in graded studios with AWG certification

    • Stereo 2.0

    • 7.1

    • ATMOS

    • THX


  • LAS/BPO subtitling service from any language

  • Subtitling service for theater performances, complying with the Federal Law of Cinematography

labo_servicio_doblaje_subtitulaje copia.jpg

Localization of video games and Voice Controllers

  • Translation service for video games

  • Audio recording and editing (LAS)

  • TTS recording service

Closed Caption & Audio Description

  • Generation of scripts for Closed Caption & Audio Description

  • Audio recording for Audio Description

  • Spotting for Close Caption


Quality Control

  • Quality control for translated scripts and adaptation for dubbing

  • Quality control for audio sync for dubbing

  • Quality control for audio mixing


  • Metadata translations service

  • Scripts for dubbing

  • Use of translation platforms (MEMOQ, LEAF, CONTENT QUO)

Nuestro Talento
Alejandra Oseguera

Head of Technical Operations

Mauricio López

Audio Engineer with Specialization in Video Game Localization

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