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On-set services

We provide high-quality professional services before and during the recording period, including data storage and backup.


We know how important it is to capture, control and safeguard efficiently all the data generated. This is why, thanks to our highly qualified engineers and technicians, a tailor-made workflow, Data management technology and image processing (dailies operator), your content is in good hands.


We are also experienced in DIT, providing complete technical support, workflows, color correction

(on-set), setting and image manipulation, allowing the director of photography to concentrate on creativity.



  • DIT Monitor LUT BOX Flanders DM170

  • Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K

  • Blackmagic Smartscope 4K

  • UPS Rackmount and case

  • INOVATIV Scout NXT modified Cart

  • Tangent Ripple

  • Pomfort Livegrade PRO

  • Foolcat 6

  • Foolcontrol

  • Macbook pro Thunderbolt 3 15”

  • Ethernet Adaptor for IP connection with monitor


  • UPS Rackmount and case


  • Pomfort Silverstack XT

  • Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 15”

  • Rocstor Rackmount SSD Raid 16 TB R5

  • Shuttle Drive Glyph Atom raid 4 TB

  • Sonnet USB 3.0 Pro Card

  • Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adaptor

  • Thunderbolt 3 docking station

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Lorenna Ramírez

Gerente de Área

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