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On-set Services

We contribute to the visual narrative of your project by making production and postproduction resources more effective through the design and implementation of tailor-made workflows.


We get involved at the project pre production stage to offer a FROM RECORD TO PLAY solution. Our DIT, Data Management and Dailies services will help you ensure the integrity of the material and apply the creative decisions taken on-set in post production.



Our DITs work in partnership with the photography director to achieve artistic objectives at every level. Starting with pre production, they are involved in all the technical decisions and on set they are responsible for making sure that the work flow is correct.

  • Monitors files and gradings for DIT

  • Teams for Color Management and on-set coloring 

  • Licensed computers for DIT 

  • Light and color measurement instruments

  • DIT cart

  • Uninterrupted power feed system


Our Data Managers handle the management and organization of the data generated on set. They are in charge of the transfer, checking, storage and protection of your digital assets with the help of our supervisors. They are also the ones to initiate the quality control processes by means of a first Spot QC.

  • Licensed computer for Data Management 

  • Storage RAIDs 

  • Adaptors and accessories

  • Traffic disks or taxi disks

  • Data Management cart

  • Uninterrupted power feed system



Our Data Wranglers are in charge of processing and forwarding executive Dailies and editorial material for the project. To do this, they synchronize image and sound, apply the project LUTs designed by the photography director in collaboration with our colorists and continue with the quality control processes with a second Spot QC.

Our team
Juan José Cadena.

Commercial contact

José Lubo

Workflow Design Specialist

Efraín Castellanos

On-Set and Laboratory Services Supervisor

David Cortés

Dailies Colorist

Andrea Vergara

Backoffice Producer

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