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Privacy Notice -

Protection of personal data 


Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, informing Labodigital S.A. de C.V. (LABO) of your personal data implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:


The purpose of this Notice is to protect your personal data through responsible, controlled and informed processing, in order to ensure its privacy and your right to self-determination of information.


Article 3, Section V, of the Law defines Personal Data as: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable private individual.


LABO, as provided for in Section I of Article 16 of the Law, will be responsible for your personal information, which will be used for the following purposes:

• Fulfilling the contractual relationship derived from your request for and/or contracting of our products or services, and for follow-up. 

• For the purposes of verification, confirmation and/or validation of identity.

  • For internal administrative controls. 

• To market the services of LABO and related companies. 

• To send offers, promotions and advertisement of our services. 

• To prepare client profiles for offering services. 

• For preparing surveys.

• For publicity campaigns and cultural participation with different organisms and institutions. 

• To meet the obligations imposed by the law and the competent authorities.



You authorize LABO to process and computerize your personal data and information supplied, which will form part of our database to be used for the following purposes, without limitation: to identify you, locate you, communicate with you, contact you, send you information, update our database and obtain statistics for the purposes we consider appropriate. 


LABO, as responsible for processing your personal data, is obliged to observe the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, fidelity, proportionality and responsibility as provided for by law; and therefore based on Articles 13 and 14 of the Law. Accordingly, LABO undertakes to process your information in accordance with standards of confidentiality and administrative security.


Pursuant to the provisions of Article 22 of the Law, you are entitled at any time to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition to the processing of your personal data, in which case please apply in writing to our office at Av. División del Norte 3203, Colonia el Rosedal, Alcaldía de Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, C.P. 04100. For this purpose we are obliged to inform you that, in accordance with Article 29 of the Law, your request must contain the following details: a) Your name and address, or other means of communicating our reply to your request; b) Your documents of identity or, if appropriate, the legal authority of your representative; c) Clear and precise details of the personal data in respect of which you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned in the preceding paragraph; and d) Any other element or document that may help us locate your personal data. 


In the event that you are requesting rectification of personal data, you must also indicate the changes to be made and submit supporting documentation for your request. We will reply to your request within ten business days of the date of receipt, or in twenty business days in cases which the law permits; and if your request is upheld, we shall comply with it within ten business days of notifying you of our answer.


LABO may use cookies when providing services on the website. Cookies are files containing personal information installed on your terminal. You can configure your browser so as to prevent the creation of cookies or to warn you about them.


If you leave our website by means of links to third party sites, LABO takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of such sites or for the cookies that they may place on your terminal. You can however disable the use of these mechanisms by following the instructions provided by your internet browser.

The length of time of processing your Personal Data will be indefinite, as from the date on which you supply it to us. 

Amendments to this Privacy Notice will be notified through:

• Website

If you have any comments or believe that your personal information has been violated in any way, please inform us in writing addressed to LABO at Av. División del Norte 3203, Colonia el Rosedal, Alcaldía Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, C.P. 04330. 

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